Yahoo customer service

Yahoo customer service

Yahoo customer service 1-855-557-3355 toll free

Yahoo email has become one of the best and most effective E-mail services all over the world. It is best source of transferring your information from one to another. It is the most known platform of email service for its best online communication.  Yahoo is being one of the best and effective webmail services all over the world as it provides many of mails, sports, finance style, answers and many more. It is been the one to the best web services and search engine. Its has its amazing features that is sending or receiving mails, sending attachments, has high storage capacity in it andmany more like this. However it has many advantages but there are several issue which users are facing which require immediate attention to resolve the issue. You can go to them by contacting Yahoo customer service number 1-855-557-3355 toll free where all your issues will get resolved in little frame of time. Our experts will provide you reliable and best services.

Some common issues where you require Yahoo support number:

  • Unable to recover your password.
  • Spam in E-mail issues.
  • Hacking email issues.
  • Sign in or sign out issue.
  • Receiving or sending e-mails.
  • Blocked email account issue.
  • Yahoo email not working.
  • E-mail configuring issues.

How to fix Yahoo mail issues? Yahoo mail not working 

  1. If you are facing issue in sign in or sign out yahoo account problem : Follow the steps carefully to resolve the issue:
  • Firstly Check if you receiving the emails in your inbox, if not you can sign out from your account and again sign in.
  • Next just go to Yahoo mail sign out of your account, open Yahoo mail and enter your correct ID and password.
  1. If you want to delete or re-add your yahoo account follow the steps carefully :
  • First do to your settings and enter account and password option.
  • Then select on your yahoo account and select Delete account option.
  • After that go to your settings and accounts and enter your password again.
  • Now select Add account option.
  • Lastly enter your yahoo mail address and password and then sign in.

How to setup Yahoo mail SMTP server:

Follow the steps carefully to setup your yahoo mail server:

  • Visit to settings and then click accounts and password option.
  • Now choose Yahoo and then account option.
  • then go to your outgoing mail server SMTP.
  • Now just enter your name and password.
  • Now you need to setup the port.

How to Setup Yahoo account ?

  • Firstly tap the start button.
  • Now click the link option “Sign up of new account”.
  • After that tap continue button and you will receive a verification code and then confirm it by entering the code.
  • Then click the start button and enter your first and last name in the field.
  • After that filling all the information agree the terms and condition.

By following this steps you will setup your yahoo account if any problem exist just contact our Yahoo support number 1-855-557-3355 toll free and get instant help.

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