How to Fix Error 0x801941F7 on Windows Live Mail

How to Fix Error 0x801941F7 on Windows Live Mail 1-855-557-3355  toll free 

How to Fix Error 0x801941F7 on Windows Live Mail 1-855-557-3355

The Window live mail Error code 0x801941f7 is very common problem for a window live mail users now a days, due to this error Windows Live Mail 2012 won’t connect to Because of the fact that the new infrastructure provides better performance, and side by side security, there is no solution left for your issue, and you would have to find other way to use your e-mail.

Then automatically you will start viewing the message as fast as your e-mail account is upgraded to the new Outlook. The application will not bale to synchronize emails, calendar events and contacts altogether, and you will not able to use your e-mail with the Windows Live Mail 2012 application.

How to Fix Error 0x801941F7 on Windows Live Mail? Nowadays users are asking for this question to resolve. They get irritated when this error occurs. And they need some technical support to resolve the issue. To fix the issue you just need to Contact Window live mail support number 1-855-557-3355 toll free. 

Still, there are many other alternatives that you can turn to, and then they will offer you the similar or greater functionality compared to Windows Live Mail 2012.

Option 1: Manage Outlook as your mail client

In case If you had instead avoid Metro apps, which is the another option, you can login your mail account through Outlook’s website. It provides you everything you require for your e-mail, and it is the advantage option without installing anything.

Option 2: Use the built-in Mail app for Windows 

  1. First tap the Windows key on your keyboard and after that enter Mail, then choose the result.
  2. Then tap the Settings button.
  3. Then Manage Accounts and Change mailbox sync settings.

Option 3: Use Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 is known as a part of the Office suite for Windows, and needs an Office subscription. There are huge number of another software applications that you have with this subscription.

If you facing any issue regarding your Window live mail issue and you want to resolve it instantly. You just need to call our Window live mail support number 1-855-557-3355 toll free and you will get instant support.

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